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8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra Digital Story Project


Goal and Objective:  - mid-year performance assessment; students will be able to create a digital story to demonstrate their knowledge of a specific math/pre-algebra topic. 



We have covered many mathematical topics in the first half of the year.  This project will help you demonstrate your knowledge of any of these topics by creating a digital story.  The story you create will be presented to the class as part of our ongoing cumulative review. 


What is a digital story?  “There are many different definitions of "digital storytelling," but in general, all of them revolve around the idea of combining the longstanding art of telling stories with any of a variety of available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video animation, and Web publishing.” (Robin, 2005)


This is an excellent opportunity to show what you have learned and re-teach the class at the same time.  Have fun with it and be creative. 


Your task is to:

1.      select a specific topic (see me for approval)

2.      research this topic again to ensure you understand it, use your book and the internet

3.      search the internet for pictures, video clips or use your own pictures/video

4.      produce a 3-5 minute digital story

5.      present your story to the class


Your final project should contain:

1.      your digital story created in Windows Movie Maker including:

a.       pictures, photos and/or video

b.      a narrative recorded by you

c.       (optional) music, text or any other features

2.      a typed version of the narrative used

3.      a list of resources in APA style used to create your project


Here are some websites that can help you get started. 


The following site will give you lots of great information on digital stories. 



Here is an excellent digital story from the above website on the Pythagorean Theorem.  Get some ideas here. 


Below is a sample digital story on the topic of symmetry to use as a guide for this assignment.  Click on the link to watch the video or copy and paste this link to your web browser:


Click here to watch the sample digital story


To help you get started with your own digital story review:




Film Spool 1
This project could not have been completed without the following resources.

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Attached below is the written narrative for the Symmetry Digital Story. 

Digital Story Narrative (Word Document)

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